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Friday, July 10, 2020

Kangana's response to Pooja Bhatt's video- thanks for the launch

There has been an ongoing Twitter war between Pooja Bhatt and Kangana Ranaut on the debate of nepotism and outsiders. Pooja Bhatt had said in a series of tweets that the Bhatt family has always been giving young talent a chance and accusing this camp of nepotism is baseless. Apart from this, she also said that the Bhatt family had a big hand in launching Kangna Ranaut, the same Kangana had made many sharp allegations against Mahesh Bhatt. Pooja, while sharing the video in this case, said that she likes to talk on facts. Kangana's response has also come after this video of Pooja.

Kangana's response, thanks to Bhatt Camp for the launch 

This has been tweeted from Team Kangna's official account. In this tweet it was written - Pooja Ji Kangana is thankful to Vishesh films for launching her but she wants outsiders to be treated better, She is thankful that her ex broke up with her but she wishes it was done respectfully, She feels fortunate to find success in the world run by men but she wishes patriarchy ends.

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Earlier, Team Kangna Ranaut had said in his tweet that Mahesh Bhatt does not have license to throw slippers on Kangana, call him crazy and humiliate him. In this case, Pooja Bhatt shared a video in which Kangana is seen taking an award for the film Gangster and could be seen thanking Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt.

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